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Northcentral University logo
Masters of Education - Sports Management
Northcentral University - Master's Degree – The Master of Education degree in with a specialization in Sports Management is designed to enhance your leadership skills, strengthen your teaching and administrative abilities and help you apply ethics and values in the direction of an athletic program.
Ashford University logo B.A. in Sports & Recreation Management Ashford University - Bachelor's Degree – Apply your love of sports and fitness to the world of business with your Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation Management degree earned online from Ashford University. Build your management and leadership skills while deepening your business knowledge of the industry. Upon graduation, you will be well acquainted with the industry and be highly trained in various theories of management.
Saint Leo University logo M.B.A. in Sports Business Specialization Saint Leo University - Master's Degree – Saint Leo's graduate Sport Business program is nationally accredited and trains students in the areas of sports business organization, business planning. The program is designed for working adults who want a specialized degree in sports business. Students learn how to manage the different aspects of managing a sports business or department.
Grand Canyon University logo
B.S. in Sport Management
Grand Canyon University - Bachelor's Degree – Grand Canyon University offers an on-campus program trains students to become entry-level managers and professionals within the sports and recreation industry, including athletic departments, fitness clubs and more. Students receive training through classroom instruction and internship opportunities. The curriculum includes general academic courses, core business courses and specializaton electives.

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What Types of Sports Management Programs are Offered?

Sports Management or Sport and Recreation Management programs are offered at many four-year universities and at graduate schools. Sports management colleges that offer four-year bachelor’s degrees introduce students to business principles and sports industry basics. Students learn to develop business plans and organize sports businesses while using their knowledge of both industries. Some undergraduate programs offer BBA or BBS degrees with a concentration in Sport Management, while others offer a bachelor’s degree in Sport Management and allow students to choose even more specialized electives like sports marketing or sports psychology. Undergraduate programs may also require students to complete an internship or experiential learning opportunity at the university or with a local sports facility or firm in the area to give them even more training in the industry. Graduates of undergraduate Sports Management programs are eligible for entry-level positions or for graduate study.

The sports industry is extremely competitive, and a graduate degree or certificate can help professionals increase their chances of securing a career in sports management through networking opportunities, advanced study and school connections. Some schools offer full master’s degree programs, while others offer professional certificates in Sports Management. Students gain an advanced understanding of sports marketing, media, public relations, finance, human resource management and organizational management, as they relate to the sports industry. Internships are often required, and sometimes students must complete a capstone project or thesis to graduate. Online MBA in Sports Management degrees are also available through some schools, giving working professionals the opportunity to earn a higher degree.

What are the Degree Requirements for Sports Management?

Most sports management degrees are offered at least at the bachelor’s level, so students must have a high school diploma to apply to these programs. Depending on the college or university, a sports management degree may be offered as a concentration within a business major, MBA program or as its own undergraduate or graduate program. Undergraduate students will have to complete general academic courses required by the core curriculum, as well as their specific major and elective courses to graduate. An internship may also be required to graduate. Undergraduate programs can be completed in four years. Graduate programs are more specialized anyway, but students will also need to complete a certain number of hours within their sports management program to graduate. Sports management colleges that offer graduate programs may allow students to complete their degree in one, two or three years.

Once you enter the job market, employers will expect you to have at least a bachelor’s degree to apply for positions with corporate firms, professional or amateur teams, intercollegiate sports, fitness facilities and more. The best sports management career tracks let ambitious, educated candidates become managers, agents and directors after they gain enough experience. Because the industry is so competitive, some leadership positions may require graduate degrees or MBA degrees with a concentration in sports management. A sports management program that requires an internship can also be helpful in giving students the experience and hands-on training that many employers expect.

Things to Consider When Choosing Among Sports Management Schools

The first thing you must consider when looking at any school is its accreditation status. Accreditation means that your school and its programs will deliver a curriculum and resources that have met several qualifying standards as determined by various accrediting agencies. The best kind of accreditation your school can receive is regional accreditation, but online programs, for example, online MBA sports management programs, will be accredited by distance learning agencies. Once you have determined that your school is accredited, look at the specific sports management degree program and research its accreditation. Some sports and recreation-related accreditation or approval agencies include the National Recreation and Park Association/American Association for Leisure and Recreation Council on Accreditation, the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM), and any business or teaching accrediting agencies if you are part of a BBA, MBA or athletic training/physical education program.

After researching accreditation, find out if your school prepares students to sit for any professional certification exams. If your sports management career track will require that you pass a certification exam, you will want your degree program to adequately prepare you for the test. Sports management colleges should also require or encourage internship opportunities, which develop real-world skills and increase your chances of networking and finding a job after college.

Before submitting your application, take a few minutes to research the school’s website and look up the curriculum for the sports management program. If you are an undergraduate student, you will have to take many general academic courses, as well as focused electives and major core courses. Graduate students will have a more concentrated course of study. Review class descriptions, electives and specializations to make sure that you will receive the right kind of training for your specific career goals.

What schools offer Sports Management Degrees?

Ashford University (Clinton, IA, Online)

Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation Management

Graduates of this program go on to become managers in professional sports environments, fitness clubs, equipment merchandising and more. The bachelor’s program requires a variety of courses that cover topics in accounting, psychology, information technology and economics, giving students a broad-based education. Specific major courses include Case Research in Sports and Recreation Management, Organization and Administration of Sports and Recreation Management, and Human Resource Management, among others.

Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

Sport Management Program

This undergraduate major is known as one of the largest in the country. Students can choose to specialize in one of three areas: Sport Communication, Sport Enterprise, and Sport Marketing, giving them the opportunity for even more focused training. All students must complete one practicum and one internship in order to graduate.

California University of Pennsylvania (California, PA, Online)

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

California University offers undergraduate students the opportunity to choose one of three tracks in Sport Management: Sport Management Studies, Professional Golf Management, or Wellness and Fitness. The Wellness and Fitness track is offered online. The B.S. program is accredited by the North American Society of Sport Management (NASSM) and aims to train students in sports-related marketing, communication and management.

Master of Science in Sport Management Studies

This fully online graduate program allows students to choose from three focus areas: Sport Management, Facility and Event Management, or Intercollegiate Athletic Administration. Students are able to complete this program in just 13 months, and the curriculum follows the standards and guidelines set forth by the North American Society for Sport Management.

Capella University (Online)

Master of Science in Psychology, Sport Psychology Specialization

This graduate program may be ideal for fitness coaches, personal trainers and other sports and recreation professionals looking to advance their careers. Students learn how to apply psychology principles and practices to issues like stress management, injury and rehabilitation, motivation, team behavior and more. Courses include Lifespan Development, Current Issures in Sport Psychology and Performance Enhancement in Sports.

Columbia Southern University (Online)

Sport Management Certificate

This certificate can be completed as an undergraduate program or a graduate program. Undergraduate students choose four focus area classes which may include Sport Facilities, Sport Fundraising or Sociology of Sport. Graduate students also choose four courses, giving them the opportunity to earn a professional certificate and obtain a more in-depth, analytical understanding of the field.

BSBA Concentration in Sport Management

This undergraduate business major allows students to specialize in sport management and prepare for careers in the sports and recreation industries. Students take a combination of core general education classes, as well as major courses and electives. Specialized courses include Sport Administration, Sport Financing, and others.

MBA Concentration in Sport Management

MBA students have the opportunity to earn a specialized degree in sport management with this program. MBA required courses cover topics in advanced marketing, international business and research, while concentration courses include upper level Sport Public Relations and Fund Raising and Sport Administration and Finance classes.

Drexel University (Philadelphia, Online)

Master of Science in Sport Management

Drexel University is located in Philadelphia, but its M.S. in Sport Management is available to qualifying students around the world. The online program is designed to help sports administrators gain a more in-depth, analytical understanding of concepts like psychology, management and athletics. Students complete core courses, a recommended one-week summer residency in Philadelphia and a research project or thesis.

Northcentral University (Online)

MBA in Sports Management Leadership

This distance learning MBA program allows students to pursue a focused study of sports management and leadership. Students need to complete at least 18 hours of concentration courses in order to have their specialization recognized on their MBA diploma. Courses include Advising the Student Athlete, Leadership in Collegiate Athletics, and The Contemporary Athletic Director.

Saint Leo University (Saint Leo, FL)

Sport Business

Saint Leo’s undergraduate Sport Business program is nationally accredited and trains students in the areas of sports business organization, business planning. leadership in sports administration and business, and sports marketing. Students who intend to go to law school and pursue a degree in sports law will also find this program useful. Courses include Media Relations in Sports, Sport Facility and Event Management, and others.

Sport Business MBA

This program is designed for working adults who want a specialized MBA in sports business. Students learn how to manage the different aspects of managing a sports business or department and gain valuable skills in leadership, business and sports ethics, and management.

Tiffin University (Tiffin, OH)

BBA in Sports and Recreation Management

This on-campus program trains students to become entry-level managers and professionals within the sports and recreation industry, including athletic departments, fitness clubs and more. Students receive training through classroom instruction and internship opportunities. The curriculum includes general academic courses, core business courses and specializaton electives.

Clemson University (Clemson, SC)

Professional Golf Management Program

This four-year program trains students to be well-rounded, service-oriented professionals in the PGA. They learn conceptual business management skills as well as practical skills for managing golf facilities. Classes cover topics like administration, making golf facilities accessible to minorities and those with disabilities, and more.

Community Recreation, Sport and Camp Management (CRSCM)

Students pursuing this undergraduate concentration will learn how to manage recreation programs at parks, university campuses, state agencies, social agencies and more. Course work trains students to be good leaders, communicators, managers and business planners. Students must also complete a 400-hour internship.

Daniel Webster College (Nashua, NH)

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

Students majoring in Sport Management from DWC take classes in marketing, law, economics, finance, events and promotions, and the culture of sport and leadership. The program allows students to get real world training in managing sports teams and departments through experiential learning opportunities and a required internship. Graduates of the program go on to become leaders of professional teams, amateur teams, nonprofit groups and more.

Eastern Kentucky University (Richmond, KY)

BBA in PGA Professional Golf Management Program

This business degree requires students to complete 41 specialization credits out of 137 total credit hours. Students must also attend two PGA Career Services national workshops. The program focuses on giving students the marketing and management skills they need and to apply those skills the professional golfing industry.

Indiana State University (Terre Haute)

Recreation and Sport Management Major

Students must complete 37 semester hours, including foundational core and professional core courses to earn their bachelor’s degree. Foundational core courses include Diversity Issues in Recreation and Sport, Fundamentals of Activity Planning and Computer Applications in Recreation and Sport Management. Professional core classes cover topics in management theory, finance, sport management law and more.

M.A. in Recreation and Sport Management (Non-thesis)

Students must complete three hours of research courses, 30 hours of major specific courses, an internship and a culminating experience credit to graduate with this degree. They will learn skills and systems regarding facility development, human performance, management, psychology and more.

M.S. in Recreation and Sport Management (Thesis)

Students in this program must complete a Master’s Thesis to graduate. The program offers advanced, in-depth study of sports marketing, compliance, organizational leadership, financial management and more.

Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA)

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

Liberty’s bachelor program gives students training and guidance in understanding all aspects of sport management, including sport psychology, business management, professional ethics, and more. Graduates are prepared to work in a number of sport management environments, including nonprofit organizations, corporations, professional teams and more.

New York University (New York)

B.S. in Sports Management and Leisure Studies

Students get a well-rounded, hands-on approach to learning about sports promotion and business management in this program from NYU. The school connects students to internship opportunities around the city, emphasizing the curriculum’s mission to combine practical skills and business theory.

M.S. in Sports Business

This graduate degree offered through NYU’s Tisch Center trains students to become effective managers and leaders in the sports industry. Students may focus in one of two areas: Marketing and Media or Finance and Development. The program also allows students to pick electives, complete an internship and/or complete a three-credit independent study course.

Graduate Certificate in Sports Business

This program is designed for students who already have a bachelor’s degree and who want a specialized certificate without having to earn a Master’s degree. The certificate lets students choose among two concentrations: Marketing and Media, and Finance and Development.

Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)

Master of Arts in Sports Administration

Northwestern’s graduate degree in Sports Administration allows students to choose from two focus areas: Sports Management and Sports Marketing and Public Relations. The program aims to prepare students for leadership positions within the sports industry, in marketing, corporate environments, as consultants, agents, executives and more. Students take seven core courses, two specialization courses and a leadership course. To graduate, a capstone project must also be completed.

Professional Graduate Series

Students earning a graduate certificate to prepare them for work in the sports industry can choose one of two tracks: Sports Management or Sports Marketing and Public Relations. The program is designed for working professionals who are interested in securing leadership positions in finance, management and organization within the industry.

Nova Southeastern University (Ft. Lauderdale-Davie)

Bachelor of Science in Sport and Recreation Management

This program is offered at Nova Southeastern’s main campus and helps students develop the skills they need to become successful professionals in all areas of the sports industry. The Miami Dolphins Training Camp is hosted by Nova Southeastern, giving students an extra advantage for learning about the sports industry. Students can choose to complete the program by scheduling 8- or 16-week terms.

Slippery Rock University (Slippery Rock, PA)

Master of Science in Sport Management

This 30-hour program includes classroom instruction plus a 9-hour internship component, which is required. Students learn the basic principles of sports business practices and the current issues affecting the industry. Eligible students must have an undergraduate degree in sports management or have taken classes in business and understand how the sports industry works.

University of Saint Mary (Leavenworth, KS)

Physical Education minor

Students wanting to add a physical education minor to their main course of study will learn methods for teaching fitness and P.E. to elementary through high school students. The program requires students to complete at least 15 hours of coursework.

West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV, Online)

Athletic Coaching Education

This major teaches skills in safety and injury prevention, teaching and communication, organization and administration, evaluation, physical conditioning and more. Graduates of the program go on to become coaches, personal trainers and athletic directors.

Personal Trainer Minor

To qualify for this minor, students must complete 5 three-week courses, including Methods of Personal Training, Lifestyle and Weight Management and Fitness Management. This requirement includes a fitness internship that includes on-site training and shadowing.

Group Fitness Instructor Minor

Graduates of this minor must take the American Council on Exercise (ACE) national certification exam. Classes include Aquatic Fitness Instructor, Ace Kickboxing Instructor and Lifestyle and Weight Management.

Undergraduate Athletic Training

This major features a combination of clinical experience, lab work and coursework, all designed to train students to become athletic health care practitioners. Students receive a well-rounded education that includes general academics as well as focused classes like Therapeutic Modalities; Taping, Bracing and Padding; and Gross Anatomy.

M.S. in Athletic Training

Degree candidates gain a more advanced understanding of athletic training in this program. The program can be completed in either one year or two years, and students can complete their graduate assistantship at WVU or with other local and school teams in the area.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

This program trains students to become competent professionals in all areas of the sports industry, including professional sports, intercollegiate sports, managers of sports facilities, and more. Students must complete coursework and an internship or approved elective project to graduate.

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